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1.What information do we collect?

We receive, collect and archive all the information that you put in our website o you send us in any other way. We collect the ID address used to connect your device to the web, access, email address, info about your device. We may use some software tools to measure and collect data about your session, including reply time to the pages, duration of your visits on some pages, information about your interaction with the page and methods to leave the page. We also collect personal information (name, email, messages), comments, feedbacks, and all the information you might send us by email.


2.How do we collect the information?

We collect the information you send us through the Contact form, like your name, email address and telephone number. Your personal information will only be used to reply to your requests and to send you updates about our upcoming activities and events.


3.Why do we collect information?

We collect your personal and non-personal information for the following goals:

  1. Offer and manage services,

  2. Offer continuous assistance and technical support to the users,

  3. Contact our users and visitors with general or personalized services notices and promotion messages,

  4. Create statistics that our commercial partners can use to improve our respective services

  5. Respect current law and rules.

6.How do we save and share the personal information of our visitors?

Our company is hosted on the platform. provides an online platform to promote our products and services. Your data can be archived on data memory, database and general apps from Your data are archived on safe servers, protected by firewalls.

7.How do we communicate with our visitors?

We could contact you to deliver information about your account, solve problems related with your account, to solve upcoming issues, ask your opinion through questionnaires, send you updates about our company or, if necessary, to ask you to respect any agreement about users, national laws and any other agreement we may share. For these reasons we may contact you by email, telephone, sms, instant messages, ordinary mail.

8.What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files made by text and numbers that are downloaded on you device when you access some websites. Generally speaking, cookies enable a website to recognize the users’ devices.

The most important thing to know about cookies used by Wix is that they aim at making our website more user-friendly, for example recording the website preferences and the language settings.

Cookies used on this site can be divided into 2 categories:

  • First party Cookies – cookies installed by Wix

  • Third parties Cookies – cookies installed and used by partner companies.

It is important to notice that cannot access to Third Parties Cookies, just as well as other companies cannot access the data and information collected by cookies.


According to their function, cookies can have different duration. There are session cookies and persistent cookies:

  1. Session cookies last only for your online session duration. This means that the browser deletes these cookies when you close it.

  2. Persistent cookies stay on your device longer after closing the browser and last for a period of time defined by the cookie.


We use cookies from 2 categories:

  1. Essential cookies that enable the navigation of the website and the use of basic functions like private and safe areas

  2. Analytical cookies help us understand how you use our website (for example which pages you visit), create statistics about the website use, to improve our website

  3. Functional cookies are used to remember our users’ choices in order to improve their experience (e.g. about language)

Which cookies?

Click here to view a complete list of cookies installed by and third parties:

If you don’t want us to use your data, please contact us at

To learn more about cookies, see which have been installed and how to manage them, delete and block, visit or

Alternatively, you can disable accepting cookies from the browser editing the cookies settings in your browser. Normally, you can find these settings inside the menu “options” or “preferences” in your browser.

In order to exclude and avoid the use of your data from Google Analytics in all the websites, pleas check out the following instructions:

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