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I'm a lucky person because I managed to transform my passion for history and for hiking into a profession and a lifestyle. It required a lot of hard work, studying and training but now I can share what I've learned along the way with many people from around the world and I wouldn't trade this with anything else.


I achieved my degree and my PhD in Italy and I got a specialization in Digital Archaeology with a focus on spatial technologies. I am actually working as a Sylvia Ioannou researcher at the University of Cyprus.

Once a friend of mine told that if she should compare me to anything, that would have been a road and that is my main reasearch interest: ancient roads, especially the buried and forgotten ones.

I fell in love with long distance trails when I was 21 and I worked hard to merge this love with my research activity.

Thanks to a Marie Curie Fellowship, I spent 4 years in Bordeaux (France) mapping the Roman itinerary connecting the North of Italy with the Danube border and walking it across Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia was one of the biggest adventures of my life.

After that trip, so many adventures followed and I'm grateful for each of them.





Università degli Studi di Milano

PhD in Classics: "The Volusii Saturnini villa in Lucus Feroniae, digital environments for the archaeological research", supervision of Prof. Fabrizio Slavazzi, tutor Dott. Sofia Pescarin. Project conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Applied Technologies for the Cultural Heritage (National Council of Research - CNR).


Professional Master

Università di Siena

Professional Master in Geotechnologies for Archaeology. Special focus on GIS and digital cartography, survey techniques, 3D survey, photogrammetry and remote sensing for archaeology and the cultural heritage.



Università degli Studi di Milano

Master of Science in Archaeology. Master thesis in Roman Archaeology under the supervision of Prof. Fabrizio Slavazzi.


Bachelor Degree

Università degli Studi di Milano

Undergraduate studies in Preservation of the Cultural Heritage - Archaeology.


It does not matter how many kilometers you walked but the footprints you left behind you. If I always hope that I will leave good memories, I am sure that every step I made changed and keep changing my life in positive and unforeseen ways. This is a (almost) complete list of the long-distance trails that I have completed by now.


  • Via Francigena (various sections)

  • Via degli Abati

  • Via Spluga

  • Sentiero del Viandante

  • Sentiero di Leonardo

  • Via dei Gessi e dei Calanchi

  • Via di Francesco (various sections)

  • Via Peuceta of the Cammino Materano (from Bari to Matera)

  • Magna Via Francigena

  • From Palermo to Messina across the mountains

  • Regia Trazzera (from Palermo to Noto)

  • Cammino di Santu Jacu in Sardinia (various sections)


  • Camino Francès (3 times, every time leaving from further away... the third time from Milan, in Italy)

  • Camino de Finisterre

  • Camino Primitivo

  • Camino de Invierno


  • Chemin du Piémont Pyrénéen GR78

  • Via Domitia GR 653D


  • From Aquileia to Belgrade following the steps of the Roman travellers across Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia

  • The Holy Land: from Akko to Nazareth and the Tiberias Lake and from Nazareth to Jerusalem and Bethlehem

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